Comics Zine ‘GAP/ช่องว่าง’ #01

GAP/ช่องว่าง #01 cover by MM. Kosum

Delighted to announce the launch of the bilingual (EN/TH) comics zine series GAP/ช่องว่าง, edited by yours truly. The main purpose is to offer a new/regular creative space to young -or seasoned- Thai cartoonists, showcasing critical, autobiographical and/or experimental narratives. Each issue will also feature a foreign guest, sharing about his/her bond to Thailand. For this first issue, the cover art is signed by talented artist MM. Kosum, with GAP title designed by Khwansubhanut Banlunara, and with stories by Applesoda, Ping Sasinan, Sasi Tee & Namsai K., and illustrations by Arty Nicharee and Brussels-based guest artist Abdel de Bruxelles. The A5-sized and 24-page zine is limited to 200 copies, and with a cover price of 100 baht (3 EUR; 3.5 USD).

For orders within Thailand: 100 baht + 20 baht for registered mail. Orders outside Thailand: 3.5 USD + 6 USD for registered mail [or 3 EUR + 5 EUR for registered mail]. Contact me at Nicolas.V [at]

Comics submissions, from Thai artists, are welcome too at the same email address. Nicolas

GAP/ช่องว่าง #1, art by Applesoda
GAP/ช่องว่าง #1, art by Ping Sasinan
GAP/ช่องว่าง #1, art by Sasi Tee
GAP/ช่องว่าง #1, art by Abdel de Bruxelles (left) and Namsai K. (right)

GAP/ช่องว่าง #01 backcover and artwork by Arty Nicharee

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