“In the Search for the Ninth Art” by Fabrice Neaud, FR, 2008

In the Search for the Ninth Art (“A la recherche du 9e Art”) by Fabrice Neaud (FR) in: Qu’est‐ce que la Bande Dessinée aujourd’hui (“What is Comics Art Today?”), Beaux Arts éditions, France, 2008.
Copyright ©2008 Fabrice Neaud/Beaux Arts/TTM éditions

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PAGE 3/8. “Histoire de M. Jabot” by Rodolphe Töpffer (CH), 1830/1831.
PAGE 4/8. Up: “Histoire d’Albert” by Rodophe Töpffer (CH), 1845. Bottom “Impressions de voyages aériennes et maritimes de Mr. A.A.N. Trouillard épicier de la veille” by Cham (FR), unpublished and unfinished story, France, 1847-1848 but may be earlier than 1840.
PAGE 5/8. “Puis”; then. “Quand soudain”; when all od sudden. Bottom left; “Der Virtuos” by Wilhelm Busch (DE), 1865.
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PAGE 7/8. “Ainsi”; thus.
PAGE 8/8: “Enfin”; finally.

BRAIDING: “The way panels (that is the images in the panels) can be linked in series (continuous or discontinuous) through non-narrative correspondences, be it iconic (repetition of certain symbols or elements) or other means. In a way this is a kind of rhyming for comics.” Derik Badman commenting the term introduced by Thierry Groensteen in: Système de la bande dessinée, Presses Universitaires de France, 1999.

On “braiding”, from the first Graphic Writing lesson, CommArts, Chula

“Batman: Once Upon a Time…” by Len Wein & Walter Simonson, USA, 1981

Batman: Once Upon a Time…, tribute to Charles M. SchulzPeanuts (adaptation of Snoopy’s novel), by Len Wein (USA) & Walter Simonson (USA) in: Detective Comics Vol. 1 #500, DC Comics, USA, March 1981.

Between “August and September of 1969, Charles M. Schulz devoted a few weeks’ worth of strips to Snoopy’s novel.” In 1981, Len Wein wrote a Batman “two-pager with art by the great Walt Simonson. The story has no dialogue. It only has captions. The captions? All lines from the aforementioned Snoopy novel!!” Brian Cronin, Comic Book Resources, 2010.

Peanuts strips: Copyright ©1969 United Feature Syndicate/Charles M. Schulz

Batman story: Copyright ©1981 DC Comics

Peanuts strips by Charles M. Schulz (1969)
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