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Untitled by Hellboy creator Mike Mignola (USA) in: Dave Cooper’s Weasel #4, Fantagraphics Books, USA, 2001.


Barnyard Animals by Craig Thompson (USA), in: Dark Horse Maverick: Happy Endings (anthology), Dark Horse, USA, September 2002.


Untitled by Chester Brown (CAN) in: The New York Times magazine (front & back covers), USA, July 11, 2004.


Glenn Ganges in: “Time Travelling” by Kevin Huizenga (US) in: GANGES #1, Fantagraphics Books, USA, 2006.

In the Search for the Ninth Art (“A la recherche du 9e Art”) by Fabrice Neaud (FR) in: Qu’est‐ce que la Bande Dessinée aujourd’hui, Beaux Arts éditions, France, 2008.