Les Idées Noires [Dark Thoughts] #60, Feb. 1982, by André Franquin [BE, 1924-1997]

A pandemic premonition:

“They were right on the radio. Don’t panic: ‘The authorities will impose all measures necessary’.” (February 1982)

Les Idées Noires [Dark Thoughts] #60, Feb. 1982, by Belgian master & visionary cartoonist André Franquin [1924-1997]. Anthology available from Fantagraphics Books under the title Die Laughing“, or at my office when Faculty reopens…
English translation ©2018 Fantagraphics Books.
Comics ©2018 Editions Audie/Franquin Estate

Les Idées Noires [Dark Thoughts] #60, Feb. 1982, by André Franquin. Translation “Die Laughing” ©2018 Fantagraphics Books. Comics ©2018 Editions Audie/Franquin Estate.

Not Final Art (but Art nonetheless) – 2

Eisner - A Contract with God
A Contract with God” (1978) by Will Eisner. USA. Original artwork.
Llloyd - The Horrorist 2
The Horrorist” (DC Comics, 1995-1996). Art by David Lloyd and script by Jamie Delano. UK (for American publisher) Original artwork.
Copyright ©2005 DC Comics
Otomo - Akira 2
Akira” (1982-1990) by Katsuhiro Otomo. Japan. Original artwork.
Harkham - Poor Sailor 2
Poor Sailor” (2003) by Sammy Harkham. USA. Original artwork.
Mazzucchelli - DD Born Again 230-14-18
Daredevil: Born Again” (Marvel Comics, 1986). Art by David Mazzucchelli and script by Frank Miller. USA. Original artwork.
Copyright ©1986 Marvel Comics
Ware - Building Stories
Building Stories” (2012) by Chris Ware. USA. Original artwork. LARGER SIZE OVER HERE.

Not Final Art (but Art nonetheless) – 1

Tezuka - Astro Boy
Astro Boy” (1952-1968) by Osamu Tezuka. Japan. Original artwork.
Copyright © Tezuka Productions
Jakitou” (1935) by Alain Saint-Ogan. France. Original artwork.
King Frank - Gasoline Alley
Gasoline Alley” (25th of August 1925) by Frank King. USA. Original artwork. LARGER SIZE OVER HERE.
Nilsen - Big Questions 2
Big Questions” (Drawn & Quarterly, 1999-2011) by Anders Nilsen. USA (for Canadian publisher). Original artwork.
Copyright © Anders Nilsen/Drawn & Quarterly
Otomo - Akira 1
Akira” (1982-1990) by Katsuhiro Otomo. Japan. Original artwork.
Jason - Hey wait...
Hey Wait…” (“Mjau Mjau” back cover, 1999) by Jason. Norway. Original artwork.
Copyright ©1999 Jason


“Double Escape” by Moebius, FR, 1980

Double Escape (“Double évasion”) by Moebius (FR), in: Métal Hurlant magazine #50, France, April 1980.

Copyright ©1980 Les Humanoïdes Associés/Moebius Production

PAGE 1/2
PAGE 2/2

Moebius’ Double Escape final panels displays interesting similarities – as a visual oxymoron (simultaneously falling and raising) – with the last page of Will Eisner‘s The Spirit: The Story of Gerhard Schnobble, USA, September 5, 1948. Copyright ©2005 Will Eisner Studios, Inc.

Spirit Shnobble 7.jpg
PAGE 7/7 (Eisner’s The Story of Gerhard Shnobble) 

“Batman: Once Upon a Time…” by Len Wein & Walter Simonson, USA, 1981

Batman: Once Upon a Time…, tribute to Charles M. SchulzPeanuts (adaptation of Snoopy’s novel), by Len Wein (USA) & Walter Simonson (USA) in: Detective Comics Vol. 1 #500, DC Comics, USA, March 1981.

Between “August and September of 1969, Charles M. Schulz devoted a few weeks’ worth of strips to Snoopy’s novel.” In 1981, Len Wein wrote a Batman “two-pager with art by the great Walt Simonson. The story has no dialogue. It only has captions. The captions? All lines from the aforementioned Snoopy novel!!” Brian Cronin, Comic Book Resources, 2010.

Peanuts strips: Copyright ©1969 United Feature Syndicate/Charles M. Schulz

Batman story: Copyright ©1981 DC Comics

Peanuts strips by Charles M. Schulz (1969)
PAGE 1/2
PAGE 2/2

“The Exemplary Life of Jijé” by Yves Chaland, FR, 1981

The Exemplary Life of Jijé (“La Vie Exemplaire de Jijé“) by Yves Chaland (FR) with inks by Serge Clerc & Denis Sire in: Métal Hurlant #64, Les Humanoïdes Associés, France, June 1981. Scanlation by Spirou Reporter.

Copyright ©1980 Les Humanoïdes Associés

PAGE 1/8
PAGE 2/8
PAGE 3/8
PAGE 4/8
PAGE 5/8
PAGE 6/8
PAGE 7/8
PAGE 8/8

“Here” by Richard McGuire, USA, 1989

Here by Richard McGuire (USA) in: RAW Volume 2 #1, USA, 1989.

It was the first time I had had my mind blown. Sitting on that couch, I felt time extend infinitely backwards and forwards, with a sense of all the biggest of small moments in between. And it wasn’t just my mind: “Here” blew apart the confines of graphic narrative and expanded its universe in one incendiary flash, introducing a new dimension to visual narrative that radically departed from the traditional up-down and left-right reading of comic strips. And the structure was organic, nodding not only to the medium’s past but also hinting at its future.” Chris Ware, The Guardian, December 17, 2014 (see below for link to the article).

Dear students, the 2014 extended version of Here is available @ Kinokuniya bookstores.

Copyright ©1989 Richard McGuire – Reproduced with permission

PAGE 01/06
PAGE 2/6
PAGE 3/6
PAGE 4/6
PAGE 5/6
PAGE 6/6

A few pages from the 2014 version of Here (by Pantheon Books) and Chris Ware on Here by Richard McGuire – a game-changing graphic novel (for The Guardian).

An interesting adaptation of the original six pages of McGuire’s Here into a short film (“about a series of events in time that happen in one point of space: the corner of a room in a normal house”). Student-produced at the RIT Dept. of Film & Video in 1991, by Tim Masick and Bill Trainor for their senior thesis project.

And an interesting GIF of Richard McGuire’s complete original version of Here.

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