Innovative/Notable Webcomics (II): Sound of Silence

FRAGILE by Fouad Mezher

With Fragile (link), Lebanese cartoonist and illustrator Fouad Mezher signs a stunning wordless graphic narrative about envy, need for recognition and the frailty of human nature & existence. Courtesy of Risha Project which aims to connect and mutually inspire cultural realities of north-African, Middle-Eastern and European graphic artists. Published on September 10, 2014.

SUPER PIXEL QUEST by Emmanuel Espinasse

With Super Pixel Quest (link), French cartoonist and designer Emmanuel Espinasse proposes an innovative and highly enjoyable webcomics where the reader discovers, along with the main character, the various creepy corners and hidden doors of a ‘house of horrors’. The pixelated design, reminiscent of early action-platformer video games such as the 1987 NES Castelvania, is such a thrill! Clever use of animation and of the infinite canvas! [Note: The character moves either forward or backwards into new panels that appear in the browser as you click on either arrow]. Published in July 2014.


If light were a liquid (in January in a temperate country, though)… Heavy Lights of January (link) is a beautiful take on Magic Realism by merging comics panels and GIFs by French cartoonist Boulet.

« This fabulous adventure was the result of a frivolous remark I made while taking part in a seminar on the poetry of household objects. Toto asked me why the light went on with just a touch of a switch, and I did not have the courage to think about it twice. “Light is like water,” I answered. “You turn the tap and out it comes.” » in: Gabriel García Márquez’ short story “Light is Like Water”, 1978.