“Barnyard Animals” by Craig Thompson, USA, 2002

Barnyard Animals by Craig Thompson (USA), in: Dark Horse Maverick: Happy Endings (anthology), Dark Horse, USA, September 2002.

Dear students, the anthology Dark Horse Maverick: Happy Endings is available @ Kinokuniya bookstores.

Copyright ©2002 Craig Thompson

Barnyard Animals 1
PAGE 1/6
Barnyard Animals 2
PAGE 2/6
Barnyard Animals 3
PAGE 3/6
Barnyard Animals 4
PAGE 4/6
Barnyard Animals 5
PAGE 5/6
Barnyard Animals 6
PAGE 6/6

More on the topic in my paper Muted and Mutated: Animal-headed characters in autobiographic trauma-related comic books in: Asylum, the magazine for democratic psychiatry: Comics & Mental Health Part 4, Winter 2015, Vol.22/4, Monmouth (UK).

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