#UltraVioletChallenge – Part 3

The inaugural post explaining the constraints of the #UltraVioletChallenge exercise is available HERE. Other results (part 2) are available there.

Here are 12 more #UltraVioletChallenge comics by CommDe students as a warm-up assignment for the “Introduction to Communication Studies” course (in 2021 and 2022). The goal is to create a figurative comics based on an imposed abstract comics, linked to the chapter on Semiotics (“Making Sense of Signs and Fragments”). Students were given one week to complete the assignment. Based on a constrained comics exercise used at Pierre Feuille Ciseaux international comics residency-lab.

Imposed abstract comics page for the #UltraVioletChallenge

2 thoughts on “#UltraVioletChallenge – Part 3

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