“Ascent”, a Graphic Narrative by CommArts Students (April 2016)

A short graphic narrative by students Jen, Cindy & Zin for the Creative/Graphic Writing course (2800316). The exercise – inspired by a series of pictures by  Belgian cartoonist David Libens – was to mix comics drawings and human actors in photographs. Some inspiration also came from Yūsuke Murata’s Hetappi Manga Research Lab R innovative webcomics presented in class before the exercise. 

Description of the Creative/Graphic Writing for Printed Matter course: “Practice and development of writing skills in many genres for mass media; television, radio and print media. The Creative Writing: Section 10 course aims at deeper understanding of graphic/visual storytelling and text/image relationship through the study of Comics Art History and Aesthetics and the practice of related writing exercisesCommunication Management, International Program, Faculty of Communication Arts, Chulalongkorn University.

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Reproduced with the authors’ permission. All rights remain to the authors.

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