“Horrors of War”, a Graphic Narrative by CommArts Students (March 2016)

A graphic narrative (on the topic of ‘War Trauma’ and/or ‘War Refugees’) by students Lukkaew, Mint, Prim, Korn & Ice for the IMGT COMM course (2800217).

Update: a short but precious FB comment (April 2, 2016) on Horrors of War by V for Vendetta co-creator & artist David Lloyd: “That’s great storytelling!”

Description of the Imaginative Communication course: “Methods of conversing emotions, feelings, ideas, values, beliefs and meaning of life through the languages of the imaginative world in the form of poetry, music and songs, literature, drama, film or other creative works of Thai and foreign artists; relationship between science and art of communications; media design for imaginative works; analysis of images and narratives.” This year’s theme: “Crossing Borders”Communication Management, International Program, Faculty of Communication Arts, Chulalongkorn University.

For a first attempt on the medium, they make a clever use of potentialities and features of the comics form (composition, design, text/image balance, layout, iconic solidarity, colour, onomatopoeia…) to serve the content.

PS: Just noticed the left-facing “Sanskrit” swastika on the cover while making the scan.

PAGE 1/4
PAGE 2/4
PAGE 3/4
PAGE 4/4

Reproduced with the authors’ permission. All rights remain to the authors.


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